I’m a research-driven designer working at the intersection of identity and experience.

My approach begins with curiously investigating a trend, need or behaviour. Detecting a pattern, and simplifying a complex system is my favorite part of the process. While designing, I focus on forming meaningful interactions between people, information and spaces.

I was raised in 3 countries speaking Arabic, Russian, English, and a little bit of Mandarin. The exposure to different societies made me more aware of how values form identities. When crafting experiences, I think of them as conversations with a person. What do they look like? What’s their personality? Tone of their voice?

Currently I’m a researcher at The New Normal. Previously I was a freelance designer at Tomorrow Partners. Last year, I received my BFA from California College of the Arts with distinction where I was recognized by GDUSA as a student to watch. Earlier that summer, I was an intern at Use All Five, and a designer at Sputnik in Spring 2016.

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Reading Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of Everyday Life By Collin Ellard.

Listening to Calvert’s journal
, as well as Kangding Ray, and Andy Stott.

Writing Infocities.