CCA Architecture       

A poster series for CAA’s Architecture Division spring 2016 final reviews.
This vibrating design was used again the following semester.

The Final Review week was followed by an end-of-year exhibit Tabled: A Year of Shapes, Slumps, and Stacks + Pinned: 56 students, 38 studios, 492 projects, for which I designed the exhibtion graphics. 

Interdisciplinary, 2018

“Tools shape, define, organize, and calibrate. Their expression can serve an aesthetic role, defining new approaches to form and ornamentation. Alternatively, their suppression can open unlikely aesthetic outcomes by covering the tracks left by tools. Tabled for your consideration are works demonstrating a range of approaches to tooling and legibility across CCA’s rich culture of making and material experimentation.”

Event description

Fall 2016 posters nealty typeset by Emeric L. Kennard